Bill Bailey – alcohol is no joke

So Bill Bailey says that ‘alcohol is no joke’ ( )

The problem is, it is actually quite funny (not the people being hit by cars/stabbing people in the face/ending up with STI’s) but the good light-hearted time you have when you are “merry”.  For as long as government and campaigners paint a picture of alcohol that does not fit in with “normal people’s” perception, the negative side of alcohol consumption will seem like something distant and alien.

It was a bit like FRANK (the governments drugs advice agency) advert ( ) that has David Mitchell doing a voice over of a dog discovering cocaine.  Exceptionally funny (that’s a given because it’s David Mitchell), but equally almost guaranteed not to stop anyone from trying Cocaine. 

By painting a realistic picture of alcohol consumption (most people have a lovely trouble free time but some people have a horrible time or make themselves really ill), they fear being painted as not strict enough.  ‘Soft on alcohol’ (cue moral panic).

How can we ever get over this situation when all drug usage (including alcohol) is surrounded by such political hysteria (“I once tried cannabis as a young student”). 

The way the government approaches this issue just makes me want a pint!

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