Taking politics to the pubs…

collecting signatures for the closure of Guantanamo Bay

With less than two months to go before the General Election, I find it shocking to discover that 57% of 17-25 year olds are not registered to vote.  This is a fundamental failing of our democratic system. Check that you are registered here

For me, as a young person I find this worrying.  It is my future that politicians are juggling with and yet my friends seem disenfranchised.  This is different from saying disinterested.  Go to any pub, on a Friday or Saturday night and you will find (as well as the highly publicised “yobs”) young people engaging and debating. Young people care!  Anyone who says differently is probably not going out and talking to us.

I have decided to dedicate the next 2-3 months in the lead up to the election to get young people in Stroud engaged, specifically with progressive politics.  I have started with social networking Facebook groups such as the “Green MP for Stroud” group.  I want to encourage young people to register to vote and to be active.  I want to take politics to the pubs…


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  2. Half of all Students said they won’t vote, while 19% said they would vote Green. The biggest issue for Students is Tuition Fees – only the green party remain opposed to tuition fees!



  3. B

    Hey! I like what you’re doing. I love talking about politics and listening to what other (young) people have to say about it. Miguel actually thinks I can be a pain in the ass when I ask friends about it. However, i find it quite hard to actually get them to talk, it seems as if it made them feel really uncomfortable. But most people do have their own ideas. I just want to listen to them!

    It’s still easier for most of them to speak about issues which are also private and “intrinsic” to them, like sex or love, rather than talking about their real thoughts on current politics besides “all politicians are the same blahblahblah”.

    Good luck!


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