Drunk leafleting

Running the leaflet gauntlet in Stroud town centre

I have recently embarked out onto the town centre of Stroud on a Saturday night to do some leafleting for the Green Party.  The idea being, I would catch groups of people in-between bars and clubs and ask them if they would like a leaflet or a chat.  Opinion is divided about whether this is a good idea or just asking to be bottled.  I would appreciate your feedback!

The response I got in town was mixed.  About half the people I approached told me to “please go away for I am out on a jolly tonight” (or words to that effect).  The other half however, was genuinely really pleased that I had bothered and was really receptive.  The sorts of people who are out on a Saturday night are not the same ones who get our leaflets during the day in Stroud (go into Stroud on a Saturday morning and it’s a bit like running a gauntlet with all the leafleters).  Some people had never considered voting before, while others had very strong views on certain issues.  Overwhelmingly however people were supportive of what the Greens stood for.  Those who stopped to talk had real passion about political issues.

I left the town centre with a sense of optimism; if these opinions I encountered could be translated into votes, the chance for progressive politics to grow in this country is massive.  The Warehouse proudly claims it gets over 1000 people through its doors every Saturday, if half of these guys voted on their beliefs the Greens would instantly be 500 votes better off.  If half of Stroud town centre (1000-2000) all voted, the Greens would be well on their way to seriously challenging this seat.  Thus, this is a rallying cry…if you are the sort of person who goes out on a Saturday night into Stroud, please vote, and please vote for what you believe in.

If thousands of people in Stroud were this receptive, just think of the possibility for Gloucester, Cheltenham or even Bristol?

As a final thought, just think how funny it would be to have a few old boy Tories on the Streets of Stroud trying “to win over the young”.  Now that would be a sight worth seeing!

If you fancy coming along this Saturday just join the facebook group and get in touch

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One response to “Drunk leafleting

  1. Kirsti

    Sounds like a lot of fun! The only problem I see is that the next morning they will probably have forgotten everything you told them…..!


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