It’s the month of “Movember” and its time to get hairy

Movember - A little bit of hair can say so much about a man

The concept of “Movember” was thought up in Australia in 2003 with the aim of creating a men’s health event that would become as formidable as the equivalent breast cancer awareness campaigns. Men, warriors and citizens alike, agree to grow a mo (slang for moustache) for 30 days in the month of November.  I have taken up this challenge, if for no other reason, than to try and break down the taboo around testicular cancer. 

I was amazed when I read recently about John Hartson’s ordeal with battling testicular cancer. He had noticed lumps on his testicles for years before he had them checked out.  He was lucky to survive as the cancer had spread throughout all of his body.  This, I am sure, is not an unusual response by men – to ignore health issues.  The “it will be fine approach” is used up and down the country.  The message is simple, get it checked out, because if you don’t it might not be alright!

Thus, this blog becomes a plea.  Please not only sponsor me and donate money to Prostate Cancer Charity and Everyman (Institute of Cancer Research), but also help to bring this disease out of hiding.  Do not be afraid to talk about this.  The great thing about “Movember” is that it acts as a light-hearted tool to enable people to bring this issue up.  Let me illustrate…imagine you are sat in a pub (without a mo) and you try and bring up testicular cancer with your mates, difficult? Now imagine you are the proud owner of a beautifully crafted mo and people ask you about it, easier? You see my point.

Please donate here

Please have a look at both the Prostate web-site and the Everyman web-site as well.


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