To Boycott the census or not to boycott the census?

Lockhead is the biggest supplier to the US military

 For many, the involvement of US arms manufacturer Lockheed Martin in undertaking the UK census is unacceptable.  The census, which takes place once every ten years, is due to take place on March 27th 2011.  Personally, I find it deplorable that a company which has been shown to arm oppressive regimes could then be tasked to undertake this sort of task.

A boycott has been organised and supported by a number of organisations including CAAT and the stop the war coalition.  Interestingly, the Green Party has called for people to take part in the census despite still maintaining an opposition to Lockheed’s involvement, which is different to their previous position.  Here I will link two opposing arguments about whether or not you should boycott the census.  Both start from the premises that Lockerhead should not be involved.  The first is by Symon Hill, taken from the think tank Ekklesia blog.  The second is by Don Paskini, taken from the notorious “liberal conspiracy” blog.  Let me know what you think!


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2 responses to “To Boycott the census or not to boycott the census?

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  2. anya

    For info lockheed martins contracted for abu grahb and guantanamo bay …


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