Why Blackburn is going down, Aguero is awesome and Gary Neville is a terrible pundit

Aguero - As good as he thinks he is

It has been a weekend of action in the premiership where we have learnt a lot of lessons. The first thing we learnt is that Steve Kean is not going to last the month in his job. The second is that Blackburn is going down unless something extraordinary happens. Both of these events will be more than justified after today’s performance. The third thing we learnt is that Aguero is as good as the hype suggests. Finally, pointing out the obvious is that Gary Neville is a terrible pundit.

Let’s start with the first of these bold claims. Blackburn today picked up their first point this season by holding onto for a draw against an uninspiring and sloppy Fulham. The only thing in this game that could sink below the two sides’ performances was having Gary Neville in the commentary box. While Gary Neville effortlessly skipped between pointing out the blindly obvious and the occasional cliché the players on the pitch failed to link a pass. Not a single player in the Blackburn line up looked comfortable on the ball. Ruben Rochina momentarily looked sprightly and should be credited for a superb strike to take Rovers into the lead. This however is where the positives stop.

The young Blackburn squad looked hopelessly short of ideas. If the ball wasn’t being played long down the line then it would be lost inside their own half with poor link up play. For some, this performance was taken to show the strength of Blackburn’s defence – this could not be further from the truth. Blackburn held on through woefully inadequate attack play by Fulham, the lack of goals conceded had little to do with Rover’s defence. If Blackburn stay up without major change in squad depth, tactics and manager then I will eat this blog – laptop and all.

With support for Steve Kean amongst supporters at an all time low – I cannot see how he can stay in his job.

As a final observation it is worth momentarily noting just how awesome Aguero was this weekend. Aguero’s goals highlighted that he has a poacher’s instinct as well as real class. Although his finishes might have looked simple it was his movement and vision that was really impressive. If I was Napoli I would be getting seriously concerned how to limit this truly awesome attacking force.

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