A bad day at the office for George Osborne

What’s that on the table in front of you? Osborne with Natalie Rowe in 1994

Today marked a milestone in British history. For the first time ever, things have been a little bit tough for George Osborne. Awww.

Not only has he been caught up in a scandal that makes the Telegraph run headlines like “Phone hacking:  Andy Coulson ‘helped spin story of George Osborne and dominatrix”, but the old chap’s seat seems to have disappeared in the boundary review.

This is how it works though – you have mates that sort things out. I am not saying it is true that Andy Coulson covered over a story that potentially saved Osborne’s career – but simply it is the sort of thing that might well have happened when you grow up in Bullingdon circles. Watch as some unlucky rural Tory safe seat gets a bumbling ex-chancellor dropped in as their PPC for the next general election.

A bad day at the office possibly, but something tells me he’s going to be OK – won’t he Dave.

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