Government plans to raise the motorway speed limit to 80 mph is a stealth tax

The campaign for Better Transport has today claimed that the government’s plan to raise the speed limit on motorways to 80 mph is a stealth tax.

The new measure would bring in the government an extra £500 million a year at the expense of ordinary drivers and the environment. The time/financial benefits at being able to travel faster have been shown to have a negative  impact on British drivers.

When combine this with the already widely reported environmental concerns you get an unpalatable policy, even for you petrolheads out there.

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One response to “Government plans to raise the motorway speed limit to 80 mph is a stealth tax

  1. I thought you’d find something to whinge about with this!

    This research works on a number of assumptions;
    – That drivers currently all adhere to the 70mph limit
    – That the same drivers will increase their motorway speeds to match the increased limit
    – That the vehicles driven by those drivers who drive at an increased velocity will follow the model of decreased fuel consumption put out by the DoT a couple of years ago, before the latest round of turbodiesels and eight-speed gearbox with hypercruising gears.

    The fact is that research by the Grauniad, of all things, suggests that 94% of all drivers admit to breaking the motorway speed limit. As Philip Hammond has stated, when a law is broken commonly by otherwise law-abiding subjects (like you and I), that law loses its legitimacy. Sensibly policy-making in my view.


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