Poor old Ed Miliband – he is not as bad as he makes himself look

Poor old Ed. I feel sorry for the guy. Just as he was thinking he could leave the ‘Red Ed’ PR disaster behind him, he effortlessly slips into the persona of ‘incompetent Ed’ (however unfair that may be). Within 24 hours of the media going crazy over Diane Abbott’s supposedly racist tweet, Ed pulls this tweet out of the bag. Sigh – why can’t something, anything, go right for the guy. I dislike the current Labour Party and what it stands for, but this just makes me feel sad.

No one deserves to be this unsuccessful. Already on twitter they are having fun thinking up #EdMilibandgameshows including ‘Wheel of misfortune’, ‘Who wants to be Ed Miliband’ and ‘I’m sorry I haven’t a Clue’.  

While everyone else laughs, and I feel sorry for Ed, Labour stumbles around failing to provide any real opposition. Just imagine next weeks PMQs – Cameron is going to have a field day.

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