A royal waste of money

Inside the royal train

We all agree, £80 million tax payers pounds should not be spent on a royal yacht. This would be madness. When I say ‘we all agree’, I really mean 8 out of 10 of us agree this would be madness.

Why is it then that we are happy to spend millions EVERY YEAR to prop up the royal family. I understand all the arguments about tourism and how the royal family provide value for money etc etc. I do not however accept that The Prince of Wales needed to spend £14,756 to take the Royal Train from London to Cumbria to launch the Red Squirrel Survival Trust. Could we not have just say flown him in one of his private helicopters (for a fraction of the price)?

My argument here is a simple business case. Could we not enjoy all of the benefits of the royal family for a fraction of the price? Could we not make royalty into a salaried position (say £100,000 for the monarch) with reasonable travel expenses covered? I am no economist but if we covered say 20 salaried positions all under £100,000 this would come to under 2 million opposed to the current 7.9 million we spend. This is a saving of some 6 million pounds!

Just think what this £6 million could be used to buy – the good it could be used for.

This is not an argument for or against the monarchy – just a suggestion that we don’t need to chuck this much money at them.

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One response to “A royal waste of money

  1. “Just think what this £6 million could be used to buy – the good it could be used for.”

    Fuck all. In economic terms, it wouldn’t even buy John Prescott’s lunch.

    If HRH Prince Chaz wants to take the train, let him. There is only a point to the monarchy so long as they exist on a different plain to everyone else, otherwise the romance dies. If we liken wasteful public spending to a Victorian safari, you’ve gone out with a shotgun and wasted an ant. Save ammo for the big game.


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