A harrowing and articulate response to rape by Annie Moran

“Nothing could have prepared me for their version of events being presented in such a way, attacking me, blaming me, making me doubt myself, making me physically quake at the knees. Nothing could have prepared me for that last little bit of myself that I had managed to hold on to through all of this, that bit that knew why I was fighting, that bit that believed in myself, being broken into such tiny pieces I’m still not sure it will, if it can, ever be repaired”

These are the words of Annie Moran. Annie was raped and has now written up her account of the court case. It is a powerful and moving account that shows the challenges that she, and thousands of other women go through.

I strongly urge you to read her powerful, moving and tragically brave account.

I urge you to read it though bearing in mind that 85,000 women are raped every year in the UK. Read it bearing in mind that 400,000 women are sexually assaulted every year in the UK. Read it acknowledging her unique experience but without losing sight of depressing normality of her experience.


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2 responses to “A harrowing and articulate response to rape by Annie Moran

  1. Oliver Campion

    Steve, well done for flagging this. The link you posted was dead but I found the article here: http://www.thefword.org.uk/features/2013/03/after_the_trial

    This was a very sad and moving account but her conclusion is clear: “All of us, women and men, have to start talking about rape. If we don’t talk about it, we are not only hiding from the truth of our society, we are hiding from ourselves.”

    It’s no wonder that change isn’t forthcoming when discussion in society is so muffled. That is hardly surprising when even the vast majority of men who would condemn these crimes are so distant from the debate. A minority of men are at the root of almost all sexual offences, be it against women or other men. But men also make up half of the population. Without a culture of awareness among men, nothing will ever change. I recently learned about the White Ribbon campaign, which seems a good place for men who care about this issue to do their bit to get the conversation started. They’ve only got 12,000 signed up right now but would be great to see that grow. http://www.whiteribboncampaign.co.uk/


    • Thanks Oli. I’ve updated the link now.

      You are, of course, spot on. The White Ribbon Project is a great initiative to get involved in. We men who find the thought of rape deplorable cannot just wash out hands of the whole issue.


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