Thatcher is dead, but Thatcherism is alive: If only it could be the other way round

So thousands of views later and literally hundreds of messages (most of which assume I am some sort of die hard Thatcherite) about my original post I feel like it is time to respond.

I believe in freedom of speech – passionately so. If you want to tweet about Thatcher within hours of her death, then knock yourself out – it’s your right.  This, in line with my freedom of thought, does not stop me thinking that you are tasteless to show such little remorse or humility in the light of a person’s death.

There is little politically that Thatcher did that I agreed with. But I am not about to spend my time jumping up and down on her grave (or tweeting not very good jokes) about her. People are in mourning for fucks sake.

Her life and now her death were political and many think that justifies a public argument within seconds of her death. Personally I take her death as a reminder that behind every politician is just an ordinary person that has friends, family and yes….even emotions.

Imagine if you will that your mother had just died, would you appreciate this sort of public reaction?

Ah, but as Mark Steel tweeted “It’s fair to complain about my lack of compassion, if you have no compassion for victims of apartheid, Pinochet, sinking of Belgrano…” Grow the fuck up. ‘She showed no remorse to others so I can’t show her any remorse’ …really? What playschool of ethics did you attend Mark?

Using her death as a political football moves us no closer to dismantling the toxic legacy that she left.

This though can wait until another day.

For now, my thoughts go out to all those who knew her and are mourning their loss.


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15 responses to “Thatcher is dead, but Thatcherism is alive: If only it could be the other way round

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  3. jim

    reminds me of when Hitler died …. all the wonderful comments !!!!!!!


  4. Marion Delgado

    people arent in mourning they’re in exploitation mode just like they were for reagan in the Benighted States. when concern trolls like you critique THAT you’ll finally find an audience with sane honest folks to maybe listen to you. Glad you are saying thatcherism should end, wheres your collection of what all the whores said about hugo chavez. oh. right. please look up what a concern troll is.


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  6. Jo

    Glenn Greenwald herbs your position:

    You keep being polite to someone who stood unashamed arm in arm with Pinochet and in opposition to Nelson Mandela if that’s what you think is best, but ask yourself – why didn’t you publish this when the right was gleefully snickering about Chavez dying?


  7. Petey

    I disagree with your position but do understand it. The furore will die down rapidly and your list was qualified with a disclaimer of sorts at the end.


  8. Augusto

    It is funny to listen to insufferable moaning about closing down those useless money-losing shafts and snatching the milk. Any sane person knows that hers was the only rational policy in those days when Britain was driven almost to Third World state by ineptness of Labour. But the champagne-popping left-wing freeloaders hate her most for destroying their beloved commie ideology so thoroughly, and driving a sharp stake through the very heat of that twisted evil empire the Soviet Russia. Good job Maggie. You will not be forgotten.


  9. Good post – after all, there’s no need to be sycophantic or even respectful – there is no need to say anything. Better to focus one’s energies/anger on current policies.


  10. David eggboro

    How’s that list of Jimmy Saville’s detractors coming along fella?


  11. ‘She showed no remorse to others so I can’t show her any remorse’
    He can, he just chooses not to because he doesn’t feel any. It’s a measure of how much she made herself hated that people have been saying today things like “I never thought I would be glad about someone’s death but I am today”.

    “Using her death as a political football moves us no closer to dismantling the toxic legacy that she left.”
    I don’t think it’s using her death as a political football, it’s a chance to feel better about the misery she and her party have inflicted on the country since 1979. People know it isn’t going to dismantle the effects of Thatcherism but it dismantles a bit of the anger and frustration they feel inside at how people have been treated.


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  13. I don’t agree Steve, these are all public domain, no one is saying much they didn’t when she was alive, if its not OK to tell these jokes today when is it OK, tomorrow after the funeral ( why at St. Paul’s and why are we paying?) next month, next year, when?


  14. B

    “People are in mourning”.

    What, her arms-dealer son? Her daughter who calls black people “golliwogs”? Her warmongering progeny Blair? Her acolytes currently waging war against the poor while they strip our assets for themselves?

    Aye, really sorry if we’ve offended them.


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