Gloucestershire’s crimewave. Police tackle small hats and *possible* illicit cheese production

Yesterday I reported this wonderfully obscure story from my local paper about a police warning that was sent out after it was reported that four men wearing robes and possibly small hats (we are still unclear what the word possibly is referring to, could the hats have actually been large?) were seen in the small market town of Wotton-under-Edge.

Today, carrying on their important work, Gloucestershire’s police used the hashtag #FreeTheCheese to put out this rather odd statement denying that they were banning an old woman from making cheese.

I kid you not. The statement reads:

Several months ago one police officer visited the son and mother who in the past have produced the cheese for both official and unofficial cheese rolling events.

The purpose of this visit was to advise them that, in the absence of a recognised organiser, anyone that facilitates the event could be deemed to be an organiser by default. In this case that person could then attract the legal liability issues that come with hosting the cheese rolling.”

They finish this statement by clarifying:

“No one has been “banned” from making or providing the cheese.”

This is serious business! Yahoo reported contradictory information earlier today saying that:

“It is the first time in its 200 year history that police have banned a cheesemaker providing the cheese “

A strong accusation.

Indeed, the same story quotes 86 year old Diana as saying the police seemed “threatening” and that they were “heavy handed”.

Indeed, branding the police’s actions “crackers” The Express clearly states that three (not one like the police claim) officers went to the cheese makers house.  This article quotes the 86 year old cheese maker as saying:

It’s crackers…The police are using scare tactics on businesses because they can’t break the will of the locals

Here at Hynd’s blog we are not dismissing the possibility that the two events are *possibly* connected. Could the men in Wotton who were seen acting suspiciously wearing possibly small hats have been connected in some way to illicit cheese production?

Could this be the start of hat/cheese related crimewave?

Hynd’s blog encourages all readers in the shire – Gloucestershire – to take all precautions. Avoid any suspicious cheese sources and use only well known outlets. Most importantly though, avoid any men wearing robes, especially if you cannot see how big their hats are!

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  1. Mike Hynd

    Are you going to have any of the banned cheeses at your forthcoming nuptials along with the locally produced beer? Well done Steve and Anya – its been a long tine in coming but well worth waiting for. . Congratulations to you both!


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