An ode to a Scotsman from an English son on Father’s Day

Dad…well, where do I start?

The obvious place is your warm heart,
which rests in those chilly northern lands,
captured by memories of living in Dundee,
and yet with just enough space for little ol me,


Forever a kid, I’ll be looking up to you,
my feet never big enough to fill your shoes,
and like a kid, you still lift me up high,
onto your shoulders, all 6 ft 2, it’s because of you,

That I still dream to the skies.

You see Dad,

All my human righting, the gay rights thing,
that’s is because of what you taught me,
your example shone and taught me to be,
the most tolerant man, and that’s why I’m your,

forever fan…But Dad,

I know this fan club is not an exclusive one,
and that in your heart, next to Dundee and,
of course, little ol me, you save a small slot,
for everyone you meet, the whole bloody lot.

But in this heart it matters not a jot,

That this son of yours is an English son,
who shuns the Scottish fun of wearing a skirt,
who backs the rugby rose before the thistle,
who with a plate of haggis seems so noncommittal,

but this Scottish culture of yours…he didn’t miss it all.

On top of every Monroe he appreciates what he sees,
as well as that Scottish attitude to an education that’s free,
but you see, there is nothing that this English son enjoys more,
than sitting with his dad, late at night, as his dad goes to pour,

just one more wee sneaky drachm.


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2 responses to “An ode to a Scotsman from an English son on Father’s Day

  1. Manjit Suchdev

    Thanks for sharing that with us Steve.
    As an adopted sonof Geordies, I am almost Scotish and well know the value of a wee drachm


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