Nick Griffin’s tweet to Nigella Lawson

Today, Nick Griffin tapped in the final nail into the BNP coffin when he tweeted:

This abhorrent and politically suicidal tweet of course refers to the violent attack Nigella suffered at the hands of her husband.

This sort of bile stands out only because traditionally the BNP have played out a ‘protecting our girls’ rhetoric. A typical example would be this 2012 comment from Griffin:

“ Islam, whose inherent devaluing of women and hostility to unbelievers combine to make it the greatest threat to millions of women

At best you can say Griffin is inconsistent, at worse though he is a sexist who uses serious issues such as violence against women as a tool to attack Islam.

After his latest tweet and with the last shreds of the BNP’s support gone though, it looks like the BNP is truly a spent political force.

Sadly, UKIP, the new far-right force in British politics don’t seem to be much better. Nigel Farage has been branded a, ‘sexist dictator’ for his views on women by his former colleague, Marta Andreasen.

Roll on 2014 to get these men out of the European Parliament.

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