Tax payers being taken for a royal ride

We are all in this together right? All feeling the pinch? Of course we are…That is why two days into the new financial year (12/13), the Prince of Wales traveled by train from Kemble to Oxenholme for the small price of £20,327.

A one off? Hardly. Over the whole year the royals stacked up a transport bill of £3,155,561. On transport…alone.

Why why why why why do people not consider this a waste of money? Ignore for a second whether you think the Royals are a good thing or a bad thing…just ask yourself, why do they need to spend quite so much money?

To be fair, the Royals have never claimed ‘we are all in this together’. That was the famous words of our not so famous Chancellor, Gideon Osborne, who has just signed off a 5% increase in sovereign grant (up to £37.89 million!).

Pretty outrageous when you consider Gideon’s core theme of the latest budget is ‘living within our means‘.


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2 responses to “Tax payers being taken for a royal ride

  1. So still at about £1.50 for every income tax payer per year, then. I’ll happily stick your £1.50 in for you if you don’t think you can stretch that far.

    I pay Cheltenham Borough Council nearly a thousand times that amount every year. Now THAT is a waste of taxpayers’ money.


    • If you could mate, that would be great! The points remains though 1) Why can’t they pay less (as far as I can see no good reason) and 2) Shouldn’t they be leading from example? Rather than expecting every other publicly funded job to have pay freezes?


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