Samsung try to hide their sexist [and comically bad] promo video

Samsung have released their promo video for the ‘840 EVO Series Solid State Drive’. The video is riddled with sexist stereotypes. The video is both horribly sexist but also comically bad – It begs the question, who was the script writer/editor and do they still have jobs?

The video opens with opens with a women dressed in pink and stood (where else?) in a kitchen explaining that she uses her computer to look at pictures or videos of her family or helping her children with their homework. Comically she then adds, “and that’s about it.”

Then the video introduces cliché number 2 – the nerdy gaming guy, “I play games, share files with my friends”.  Before long we meet cliché number 3 – the solid white business man, “I mainly manage files for work.”

Back to cliché number 1 – our house bound, children loving lady. She reappears to explain that the main thing that upsets her about her computer is that it takes a long time to boot up. This means she has to leave it on while she finishes her…not university assignment, preparation for work but of course…chores.

The whole video is beyond parody.

But then comes the climax. The three clichés are then handed their solution, the ‘840 EVO Series Solid State Drive’.  Cliché number 1’s reaction is priceless. She literally says, ”What?” and just looks confused (how else would a woman respond to technology after all?)

The two guys (cliché numbers 2 and 3) make banal comments about how good it is, before we cut back to our lady friend whose only contribution is, “I’m sorry, I don’t know how to.”

When finally the new drives are all installed, the men make mediocre comments on the speed difference and our lady – I am not making this up – says… “Aw I did it, did you see that.”

Samsung it would appear have spotted what a PR fuck up this is and have started removing the video from across the web (mission impossible I am afraid).

The fact that this sort of thing is still being made in 2013 by a company like Samsung just goes to show how far we have got to go in our fight against every day sexism.

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One response to “Samsung try to hide their sexist [and comically bad] promo video

  1. Angry & Insulted

    That was easily the most patronising and insulting advert I have ever seen.
    F*** Samsung.


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