Scottish Green Party to launch yes to independence campaign

The Scottish Green Party is today launching its yes to independence campaign. The Scottish Green Party is the only major political party, other than the SNP, to back a yes vote in the up-coming independence referendum.

The Scottish Greens have already set out a policy case for independence arguing for:

  • No Nuclear Weapons – Saying, “Nuclear weapons are morally unjustifiable. Independence offers an opportunity to rid Scotland of the UK’s nuclear arsenal, and to institute a constitutional prohibition on ownership or manufacture of weapons of mass destruction”.
  • Progressive Taxation – Saying, “An independent Scotland would have the power to design a fairer and simpler system of personal and corporate taxation, free from loopholes and offshore havens, and intended to increase social justice”.
  • A Principled Constitution – Saying, “Greens demand a written constitution for Scotland based on equity, human rights, democratic values, and ecological considerations”.
  • Decentralization of Power – Saying, “Independence is not just about devolution of power from Westminster to Holyrood. Greens want to see more power and accountability transferred to local authorities and communities, so that they have more control over how they raise and spend their own money.
  • A Resilient Economy – Saying, “Scottish Independence offers a chance to reject the unsustainable economics of unconstrained market-driven growth and to put the wellbeing of the Scottish people first”.
  • Future Energy – Saying. “Without Westminster approval, the Scottish Parliament does not have the statutory teeth to deliver security of national energy supply beyond the next few decades while enabling us also to meet urgent sustainability targets for greenhouse gases. …We demand a fairer and more transparent system of energy pricing, alongside intensive national and local investment in a new energy infrastructure, local authority energy companies, local community owned heating schemes and targeted support for micro-generation by individual households, businesses and community groups”.
  • Citizenship – Saying, “We believe Scottish citizenship should be open to everyone of Scottish birth, parentage or grand-parentage and to those who have lived here for five years. We want to see an asylum system for Scotland which is based on compassion and which treats people as human beings, instead of the brutal system currently operating in the UK”.

The launch of the campaign will take place in Edinburgh and will feature key figures from the party. Co-convener and MSP, Patrick Harvie, as well as fellow Scottish Green MSP Alison Johnstone will join singer Karine Polwart in setting out why they believe independence to be the right decision for Scotland.

Previously on Hynd’s Blog James Mackenzie, the former head of media for the Greens in the Scottish Parliament, wrote about why he thought those outside of Scotland should also back Scottish independence. An article which was both challenging and interesting for someone like myself (half Scottish, but lived in England most of my life).

What do you think? Could independence act as a catalyst for progressive politics in Scotland? If so, what will this mean for the rest of the UK? I would love to hear your thoughts. 

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