Watch the full EU Nigel Vs Nick debate

In case you missed it, here is the full Nick Vs Nigel debate on the EU ahead of May’s European elections.

If you read one thing on the debate, I can strongly recommend Adam Ramsay’s article on Vice UK.

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One response to “Watch the full EU Nigel Vs Nick debate

  1. Christine Usher

    I listened (could not bear to watch and it was not a very visual event) yesterday evening, and was astounded that the post debate polling was 60% thought NF had “won” the debate. I can only assume that the people polled believe all the lies and half truths, and nothing we can say will convince them that a) the combined population of Bulgaria and Romania is less than 29 million, and b) that the ECHR is nothing to do with the EU. They said at the beginning the audience was supposed to be balanced , although not how they acheived that, but the vast majority of questions seemed to be coming from the UKIP side of the debate.


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