5 points to look out for in the Labour Party political broadcast tonight

The Labour Party Political Broadcast was today launched and will be hitting your TV screens later this evening.

You can also watch it here:

Here are 5 interesting points to look out for as you watch it:

  • The first point is to note how many times they use the phrase ‘under David Cameron’ opposed to their more traditional ‘Under this Tory government’. There is a very obvious reason for this. Since coming to power in 2010, David Cameron’s personal approval rating has fallen from 57% satisfied/26% dissatisfied to 37% satisfied/56% dissatisfied. In short, Cameron has become a liability at the polls and Labour are looking to play on that.
    2010 Cameron ratings
    2014 Cameron ratings
  • The second point to note is that the whole broadcast is talking about one thing – the economy! As I wrote yesterday, the economy remains top of the list of voter concerns. This makes sense then for the Labour Party to hammer home a message that we are experiencing a cost of living crisis. The question though, that might make or break the 2015 election, is whether or not the economy remains on top of the voter concerns list as the government continues to push its message of a recovering economy. Already we can see a big drop in the last year:
  • With such focus being placed on the economy, one wonders if UKIP and/or the Conservatives will focus on immigration (that consistently remains high on voter concerns). If so, we could see a bigger than expected shift to UKIP from former Labour voters. This in itself might make or break the Euopean Parliament elections in May 2014.
  • They have audacity, but they know the electorate have short memories. At 1:25 into the broadcast they attack the Liberal Democrats (note attack on the party rather than Clegg) for breaking their tuition fees pledge…. They mention student debt but not that Labour introduced tuition fees and then swiftly tripled them. It is this assumption, that has so often been proved to be right, that the electorate have short term memories, which leads me to believe the Liberal Democrats will make a near to full return to strength between 2015 and 2020.
  • Lastly, and I had to re-watch the video a few times to check this, did you notice that every single person who is in focus is white and, let’s be honest, quite middle-class looking? Could this be reverse Thatcherism? Trying to convince the squeezed middle classes that they are in fact working class? Need further convincing…check out the butter dish in the kitchen at the start, who owns (and uses) a butter dish?


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2 responses to “5 points to look out for in the Labour Party political broadcast tonight

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  2. Janet Taylor

    Notice also the woman wearing a Barbour jacket! Wish I could afford one!


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