WATCH: The Green Party EU political broadcast here

Have a sneak preview of The Green Party political broadcast.

It’s nice, but once again…it is missing the three simple things I was hoping to see from The Green Party:

  • Talking about issues that matter to people (economy, immigration, unemployment etc)
  • Getting across a ‘feeling’  of what The Green Party stand for (they even used the acronym TTIP!!!)
  • Leaving the electorate clear on what their position is on the EU.

As a result I cannot see it shifting significant numbers of voters.

Anyway, it’s quirky so enjoy:


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3 responses to “WATCH: The Green Party EU political broadcast here

  1. Sam

    Very quirky! It seems to be basically trying to nab Lib Dem votes and I can’t actually see how the Greens and LDs are significantly different on EU issues. Add to that what Labour will eventually offer as EU policy and it looks like three “in/in-ish” parties will be fighting for almost exactly the same ground. Guess that’s because there isn’t that much of it!


  2. Kieran Whiteside

    It’s also far too long!


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