Labour’s un-credible election strategy

It could be easy to write off the latest Labour Party Political Broadcast as just a little odd. Indeed it is. But, for Labour Party activists, it represents something far worse – an entirely un-credible election strategy (and a distinct lack of ambition).

Although it is odd, I can see what they are trying to do…they’re trying to make sure that Labour secure as many of the disillusioned (ex) Lib Dem voters as possible – a sensible strategy that is broadly working for them at the moment.

Indeed, YouGov’s latest poll shows almost as many 2010 Lib Dem voters are planning to back Labour as they are the Lib Dems.

Lib Dem vote*See the full results here.

So if this approach of sweeping up ex-Lib Dem voters is working then why would I be suggesting this latest broadcast, which essentially amounts to a character assassination of Clegg, could be bad for the Labour Party?

In short the Lib Dem votes are only going to get them so far.

By once again being seen to go on the attack they are failing to sort out some problems closer to home. Labour are failing to look like a party ready for government in the eyes of the all important middle ground. Equally important is that neither is Labour’s own leader, Ed Miliband, is not looking like a Prime Minister in waiting.

The latest polls suggest 26% of the electorate think Miliband is doing his job well and 64% think he is doing it badly.

When asked what characterisitics each leader holds the results for Miliband are damning:


*See the full results here.

Note that both Clegg and Miliband hit rock bottom (3%) when voters are asked if they are natural leaders. Compare that with Cameron who had about 40% of the population thinking he was a natural leader just before he became PM and you can begin to see the problem for Labour.

If the Blair year’s of Labour rule taught us anything, it is that personalities count.

If Labour were building for a long-term future with Miliband they would be looking to rebuild their and his reputation amongst the core of voters in the centre ground.

Instead they seem happy to continue with their attacks on the Lib Dems. Fine to win them a few easy votes, not a sign of a long-term strategy for winning a majority in 2015 though.


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