Another video. Another spoof. Another Labour attack on the Lib Dems

Another video. Another spoof. Another Labour attack on the Liberal Democrats (see the last one here).

I just don’t get it.

It leaves so many electoral questions open.

To start with, what about UKIP? The scraps from the Lib Dem table are fine but as commentator Harry Cole commented:

Are they not concerned about being beaten by a party filled with fruitcakes who sit on the fringe of British politics?

Equally important, perhaps more so, what about looking ahead to 2015? Are they really trying to win a majority with an all negative campaign of ‘we are not as bad as the Lib Dems’ combined with ‘we hope some Tory votes are lost to UKIP’?

Because as far as I can see – there is very little positive ‘vote for us because of x, y, z’ coming from Labour at the moment.

This increasingly bizarre obsession with attacking the Lib Dems (one assumes is coming from Douglas Alexander, Labour’s shadow foreign secretary and possibly Mr ‘I got Obama elected twice so can now ask for six figure salaries’, David Axelrod) can only last so long. How long do Labour plan to ride with it?

Will they pursue it right through to 2015, regardless of the results this May?

As I have argued before, this strategy of all out attack on the Lib Dems will win them short-term votes but is not, on it’s own, a path to an electoral majority in 2015.  

Saying this, I seem to be in the skeptical camp asking for positive policies off Labour. George Eaton over at The New Statesman today wrote arguing the complete opposite – that this strategy might well be enough to get Ed into number 10 come 2015.

I guess we will have to at least wait until May 22nd to find out how it goes but if I was in Labour HQ right now I would be a little nervous to say the least.


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