Local elections: Stroud results

stroud*Source BBC

Stroud District Council (SDC) remains in ‘no overall control’ but the Labour Party have strengthened their position within the ruling coalition by gaining 3 council seats.

The Green Party has also gained a seat.

Stroud UKIP have bucked the national trend and failed to gain any seats on the council. The Lib Dems in contrast have stuck with the national trend and have lost 2 seats (including in traditional strong holds).

This leaves SDC with:

  • Conservative – 23
  • Green – 6
  • Labour – 20
  • Liberal Democrats – 2

Unlike in neighbouring Gloucester which is also a key 2015 battle ground, the Labour Party in Stroud will be celebrating some of their significant gains including in seats like Nailsworth where they leapfrogged both the Tories and Greens (2010 election result Con 1,588 Grn 1,364 Lab 908). 

The Green Party in contrast will be looking at the series of ‘near-misses’ they had, not just in Nailsworth, but also in Bisley, and in Coaley and Uley where they just missed beating the Conservative incumbent, Tim Boxhall, by just 27 votes!

*Popular vote will be added when I get it.

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