How and why to return today’s free copy of The Sun newspaper

When you get your free copy of The Sun in the post today, you can return it to FREEPOST, The Sun, London E98 1AX.

My suggestion is to write “Justice for the 96” or “You dropped page 3 once, why not forever?” on the front. But I trust Hynd’s Blog readers to think of their own creative slogans as well (suggestions in the comments box below please!).

Let’s get creative and tell The Sun that we don’t want their divisive, misogynistic, lying newspaper in our front rooms.


Love this from my friend Ellie:


Wow, the Labour Party has just been entered into the ‘what single tweet has made you most angry/disgusted/disappointed’ competition:


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42 responses to “How and why to return today’s free copy of The Sun newspaper

  1. Sent back my free copy with the page 3 ‘beauties’ speech bubbles saying ‘No More Page 3’ and ‘Justice for the 96’ wish I could upload the photo I took of it before I sent it back! Thanks for your blog on this issue.


  2. Hannah

    I am sending each page back to the scumbag sun newspaper, in 12 individual envelopes, marked with Justice for the 96!!
    As a bonus in each envelope, I shall also enclose a lovingly wrapped fish finger for them to enjoy!! HA! 🙂


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  5. doyley

    i used mine to mask-up bodywork and then sprayed my vehicle without reading a single article!


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  7. Fred

    Sending them back to the sun won’t cost them a penny, it’s abuse of freepost so the sun won’t have to pay. Plus anything larger than a letter Royal Mail won’t deliver as freepost only covers letters not parcels. Some of your comments were class though, was sorting them in work, was at least a few thousand we received.


    • Gareth

      Don’t send it back to the Sun. Send it back, free, to Royal Mail Door-to-Door, with a covering letter telling them how angry you are (eel free to adapt the text below). If you didn’t receive a copy of the Sun or you’ve thrown it away, you can still use the Freepost address to complain. The address is:

      Steve Taylor, Operational Administrator
      Freepost RSTR-YCYS-TGLJ
      Royal Mail Door to Door Opt Outs
      Kingsmead House
      Oxpens Road
      OXFORD OX1 1AA

      You can also phone them for free on 0800 169 1194 – ask for Steve Taylor, or make a complaint to whoever answers. Be firm and polite.

      My letter said:
      “Dear Steve

      Oh dear! I am in possession of a promotional copy of the Sun, which was delivered to my house by your staff.

      I really like my postman and the other Royal Mail delivery staff that I meet, so this is not a complaint about them. It is a complaint about your organisation.

      I’m not sure what the Sun is; is it actually a ‘newspaper’? To my mind it is misogynistic, sexist, right-wing rubbish. The organisation that produces it, News International, is rightly reviled by many thousands of people for its page 3 crap, its lies after the Hillsborough disaster, and of course for hacking a dead schoolgirl’s mobile phone. I certainly don’t want this copy of the Sun, so I’m returning it to you.

      When you create business relationships with vile organisations like News International, you have to accept that people will respond, complain, and of course go elsewhere when they’re looking for couriers and delivery companies. My eBay sales will now go through a different courier, not through Royal Mail, so that’s one long-term customer you have lost because of this.

      With best wishes,

      etc etc”


  8. Nicole

    I didn’t get one 😦 there are so many good ideas that I could use.


  9. Ms Marple

    I wee’d on mine ( urine is a natural disinfectant) , dried it in the real sun then popped in an envelope made out of the Evening Standard ( to save the post office workers) and THEN sent it back!



  10. Keeley

    If sending it back be sure to pad out the envelope so that it is more than 5mm thick…this then constitutes a ‘packet’ and they will have to pay considerably more 🙂 x


  11. Arch deacon of funk

    I had loo roll in but why waste precious paper. Left enough space fir address. Sorry postie


  12. send it to the UKIP freepost address


  13. skjsdkjl


    Otherwise you’re just creating unnecessary work for the postie.


  14. Chris Nugent

    I’m sending my copy back….there was no page 3 girl! Someone’s suggesting it should be dropped forever…that’s crazy talk!


  15. Chrissy Steele

    Why not forget the put the freepost on the envelope?


  16. A much better idea than ritualistically burning it.


  17. even the guinea pigs didn’t want it to line their cage with. Not even fit for guinea pig poop. Going back with some other unwanted stuff from the recycling bin. Happy Days.


  18. I read my copy, was very good actually, oh no sorry I didn’t I actually used it to clean up my dogs shit


  19. M

    another option is to just pop it into your local post box….along wqith all the other unaddressed junk that the Royal Mail put through our doors….


  20. Sun Hater

    I live in flats so all junk mail gets chucked on a table, hope the sun enjoys their 6 copies of the sun (sent separately) plus local free papers and leaflets stuck to them.


  21. Simmo

    Free posting mine back. The best I could come up with to write on it was “Gotcha!”


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  23. Sid

    Why not tape the paper to your garden waste bag and send the lot to the Sun. Saves paying the council to take it, or going to the tip !


  24. Miles

    Wrap the paper round a housebrick. They pay for the delivery by weight / size.


  25. Liam Mellor

    I was gonna wrap some fish with it, or line the bottom of a budgie cage, but I’ll return it if it costs them.


  26. R

    The freepost address is an official address that gets paid for by The Sun, I presume…?


  27. akismet-81ea8979a30aad4c354aa8e9c0558543
  28. Ray Blake

    Sadly I have only very small envelopes so shall have to send it back to them a page at a time.

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  29. JFT96

    Don’t forget to put it in a jiffy bag and fill with junk free fliers that you get through the door. Hopefully they’ll be charged on the weight!


  30. Ed clearly isn’t bothered about the Liverpool vote then!


  31. Liz

    Thanks for the address – Mine went back with Justice for the 96 on it!


  32. Michellle

    Wouldn’t it be better to send to their accounts department without a stamp, so they have to pay to receive it? It could be important..?! 😉


  33. Ron

    Posted the rag back.

    Would not tear that tripe into squares to hang in my Privy: even if I had one.


  34. I’d suggest a refinement to this plan. If your granny has a budgie, keep the paper a couple of days at the bottom of the cage before returning it with compliments.

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  35. Elsa

    Thanks for the address. We’re going to post them ours, although we were initially tempted to use it to save on toilet paper.


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