2 questions from the People’s Assembly demonstration from last weekend

Over the weekend ten’s of thousands of people marched in London as part of the ‘People’s Assembly’ demonstration demanding an alternative to the government imposed austerity plan.

Out of this event though Hynd’s Blog has two simple question. The latter of which the answer is obvious, the former, not so.

1) What on earth is Russell Brand talking about? I mean, I like him, I think he is funny, but this speech is barely coherent.

2) Are we all agreed that Caroline Lucas is awesome? Her speech in contrast to Brand’s didn’t involve any removing of clothes but it did at least coherently outline why an alternative to austerity is important…you know, the whole reason why people were there.

This is not just a frivolous observation about ones oratory skills over another, but a serious point about how we bring about radical change. My feeling, reinforced by the weekend’s events, is that we are always more likely to bring about change by working within the system, voting for what we believe in. Caroline stands as a proof of what can be achieved by just one radical elected representative.

There is a time and place for people like Russell Brand. I am just not sure that he is the catalyst to change that so many on the left make him out to be and I wonder if it does us any favours to trot him out at every event? This weekend was good for the Russell Brand show, but was his speech a tool to help bring about change?

I think not!

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  1. Thanks for this Steve – you’re exactly right. Interesting to watch both!


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