Why I won’t be voting for Labour’s David Drew or joining the facebook group attacking him

David Drew
Today I stumbled across the Facebook group, ‘David Drew, some facts’.

It is a curious repetition of three accusations against the former Labour MP for Stroud. It holds significance though because he is, once again, standing in Stroud in 2015 in one of the closest fought marginal seats in the country.

Which means that my vote is one of the few in the UK that will hold any sway in the outcome of the 2015 election. Put another way, these accusations, if they sway just a handful of people, might be the difference between Labour returning an MP in Stroud or not.

In short the three accusations made on the page are (not in my words but the groups):

1)      He is anti-gay because in June 1998 David Drew voted against lowering the gay age of consent from 18 to 16. He was in a v small minority (source).

2)      He is against woman’s right to choose whether to have an abortion, partly evidenced by this vote in May 2008 he voted for a reduction in abortion time limit, to restrict women’s sole use of IVF and to restrict hybrid embryos (source).

3)      He is anti-freedom of speech because in May 2009. He asked the home secretary to ban entry to the UK of Dr Philip Nitschke, the Director of Exit International, a Euthanasia Campaign (no source given).

The first thing to note from this list is that after a 14 year spell in parliament, the fact that they could only rustle up three things to disagree with him about is telling. David was a pretty good MP and I am sure he will continue to represents many of my Green concerns (social justice, environmentalism, human rights etc) very well if re-elected.

I have to say, much more so than the party he represents always does!

That said, my personal political disagreements with David do also contribute to why I will be voting Green in May and not for David/Labour. Although to reiterate the weight of my reasoning here rests on the party he represents, not David as a person.

If you take just the Facebook group’s first point around same sex consent age as a case in point. When I asked him in 2010 about why he voted against lowering the age of consent for same sex couples so it matched that of heterosexual couples he responded by saying it was because he thought no one, regardless of their sexuality, should be able to have sex before the age of 18 and that he wanted the heterosexual age of consent to go up!

Slightly horrified about this slightly patronising answer and wondering if he tells this to the young Labour voters he has out delivering leaflets that he thinks their sexual relationships should be illegal, I went on to ask him then why he voted against a 2002 motion to vote on his own government’s plans to allow unmarried and gay couples to adopt children. On this occasion he blustered slightly and said that there was problem in the detail.

Did he really think that same sex couples should not be allowed to adopt? Does he still?

My worry is that David does hold homophobic views and this in turn is a bit of red line he crosses for me…discrimination. If he doesn’t he needs to work MUCH harder to convince me of this. As someone who follows equality issues quite closely I have never heard a comment from him on this subject let alone an effective rebuttal of the above accusations.

So if David is reading this, I hope he doesn’t take this as an attack but an opportunity to explain his vote against same sex couples being allowed to adopt (and maybe to clarify whether he really thinks a consensual relationship between two 17 year olds should be illegal).

There are a list of other concerns I have with David which include the ones listed above (he is reported to have wanted the abortion limit to be brought down from 24 weeks to 12 weeks!). For me though, one of my central concerns are his views on the EU that put him so far on the Eurosceptic fringe of European politics that UKIP actually endorsed him at the last election and told their candidate not to campaign against him. I kid you not!

At a time when the UK’s strategic relationship in Europe hangs in the balance the last thing this country needs is another Eurosceptic MP.

All this said, I do like David. I think he is gutsy in his politics and I didn’t like the way the facebook group went about what felt like organizing a collective attack on him. Take for example their repeated claim that he is ‘anti-women’ because of his stance on euthanasia. It is sensationalist and in my mind overtly aggressive. Clearly David values and campaigns for gender equality and his opposition to euthanasia is based on his Christian beliefs not on any discriminatory attitudes towards women.

We need to hold politicians to account but I don’t think we do this by ‘going after them’. It felt to me that this is what the facebook group was doing.

But ultimately all of this sits far from the main reasons for not voting for David Drew. Simply it is the fact that The Green Party still best represents the sort of politics I want to see and so, assuming their candidate or the party does not cross any red lines for me between now and the election, this is how I will be voting in May 2015.


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6 responses to “Why I won’t be voting for Labour’s David Drew or joining the facebook group attacking him

  1. I just found this page while looking for David Drew’s blog because, despite what you may feel, there’s at least *one* other reason to take issue with him, and that’s the moderation of that blog. Not as bad Richard Graham, who removed the comment facility from his blog altogether, claiming most of the posts to it were abusive (but seemingly not sufficiently to ever involve the authorities, which might have helped other, less connected potential victims of these supposed trolls), but when I asked some questions about his stance on the proposed incinerator, for example, these posts were never approved, and emails questioning this were ignored.

    So with his return, I’ll be interested to see if the blog does to, and if Drew, Gloucestershire most ‘internet friendly’ MP according to The Citizen years ago, allows it to be as well frequented as Glascow MP Tom Harris’ used to be.


  2. Mary Taylor

    Elaine, labour are 11% ahead of tories. Using national stats is simply scare mongering.


  3. Elaine Hynd

    i just read this while searching for an email address for David Drew.
    I understand completely your frustration and delighted that you have challenged him on the issues you outlined above but sadly if you vote Green (which I do locally) we get the Tory back in – do you want him representing us in Westminster? And a Tory government back in? David did represent out community much better than the current incumbent. Elaine Hynd (I wonder if we are related!!)


    • A namesake in Stroud – how wonderful! But on this political point we will have to disagree. I want something better than what New Labour is offering and cannot lend them my vote just because they aint as bad as the alternative. Our electoral system relies on enough people voting one way to make it feel worth while. I am willing to lend my vote (alongside thousands of others) to that cause.


  4. At a GE HUSTINGS at star anise in stroud, David drew responded to the question asked be you and me, why he opposed gay adoption. He replied ‘it is a child protection issue’
    i have taken this up with him since and he always refuses to engage in a discussion about it. He refuses to say why he thinks lesbian and gay parents are a risk to children.


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