Listen to the Green leader’s car crash of an interview

It – was – really – painful.

There is no other way to describe it. Throw away comments like ‘a car-crash of an interview’ suddenly seem suitably apt. Natalie Bennett’s interview on LBC this morning was one of the worst I have heard from a party leader – ever!

If you haven’t already and have the stomach for it, then have a listen:

For a long time I have argued that Natalie Bennett has revolutionised the Green’s media presence. Whether this was utilising her experience in the industry – she used to work as the editor of the Guardian Weekly – or whether she has just rode the wave of the ‘Green surge’ is unclear. But the results are clear. There has been much more and better coverage of Green politics in the UK’s print media.

But, that said, there has been a continuous disparity between the consistent, and quite impressive, coverage Natalie has secured in the print media with the consistently below par appearances on broadcast media. This car-crash didn’t come out of the blue – there have been a series of skids, near misses and dented body work that should have warned of the forth coming three lane pile up of a car crash.

Remember this?

With this in my mind, one wonders whether the Green’s hard thought victory of being included in the Leader’s TV debates will be as much a blessing as they might have hoped. How will she hold up to the oratory skills of Cameron, Clegg or, to a lesser extent, Miliband?

Only time will tell.

Finally though it is worth highlighting, just like Guido Fawkes has, that it is refreshing that Natalie at least had the moral and political courage to then apologise to her party for the poor showing – how many other party leaders would have done that?



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2 responses to “Listen to the Green leader’s car crash of an interview

  1. Considering I’m a professional in the sustainable engineering industry you would imagine I’m a died in the wool Green voter. But I’m not. Although I agree with their principles they have always seemed completely incompetent in their policy development. Even reading the Vote by Policy website you get a strong inclination that their policies are too much of a radical step change and would create more unintended harm than the good they’re intending to.

    Ideologies are good and I’m glad we now have parties with competing ideologies (even if I completely oppose UKIP’s principles). But the Green party needs, desperately, to develop policies on reality rather than ideology. Theory and belief is all very well, but the policies they want to put in to practice currently lack strong economic and systemic analysis.

    There is absolutely no reason why they couldn’t create evolutionary rather than revolutionary policies based on strong ideology so as to create support and influence behavioural change. But right now they just appear to be the UKIP of the left.


  2. sashalubetkin

    It was absolutely excruciating, and makes it difficult for those of us who are trying to persuade others to vote Green. On the other hand, I suppose that if one were feeling particularly generous one could see it as a refreshing change from all those pre-programmed, word-perfect androids from the main parties.


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