Why did Green leader Natalie Bennett choose a newspaper apology for a broadcast disaster?

It is both admirable and sadly telling that Natalie Bennett took to the pages of the Guardian today to apologise for her ‘car-crash interview’ on LBC radio yesterday.

It is admirable in the sense that it stands in stark contrast to the political culture of today where the public pushes an unrealistic expectation of perfection that is perpetuated by a media and political arrogance.

Natalie’s apology reads as a genuine breath of fresh air. We all fuck up. She’s embarrassed and sorry that she did on this occasion – an occasion that should have been about her party.

Fine – let’s move on.

That said, it is also worryingly telling that she choose (or her PR team choose) to take to the pages of the Guardian to make this well-crafted apology.

When the going gets tough, this particular political leader resorts to that comfy home-ground for her; the liberal-left leaning print media (and her former employer).

If she wanted to offer both a heart-felt apology and a sign to show that she has the statesmanship to someday rule this country (surely the ultimate aim of any party) then would not a heartfelt TV interview have been better placed?

Her apology is welcome but it does still leave many wondering – can Natalie Bennett do Green Party policies justice when put on the big stage alongside skilled (and highly trained) orators such as Cameron, Clegg and (to a lesser extent) Miliband?

I’m still not sure.



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3 responses to “Why did Green leader Natalie Bennett choose a newspaper apology for a broadcast disaster?

  1. So much of the political life of this country now seems to be about shiny media presentation, where looking strong and sounding confident is valued more highly than having ideas, or being honest. We need to change the game.


  2. David Heap

    Would any TV have been interested?


  3. Anna

    Could she simply be really unwell? I feel like shit today no way I could get to a tv studio and talk sense! I think this needs some perspective. I recognise that she has disappointed before but I wonder if our criteria for success potentially sets most folk up for failure and the style of discourse expected is simply a poor fit for green communication, like me having to join in football shower banter!


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