The end

It had to come at some point. It just did.

I feel sadder than you can imagine writing this. But this is, for now at least, the end of Hynd’s Blog.

A couple of months ago I wrote about how I hoped to fit blogging into my new job and life back in the UK. It was an ambitious plan that I really wanted to make work because I have, in an odd sort of way, grown to really love this blog.

Sadly though, despite the optimism (something that I like to think optimises the last 5 years on this blog), despite the support from so many friends, family and complete strangers, despite the very best of intentions, I just have not been able to implement this plan.

A number of factors have forced me into this situation. There are two that spring to mind.

Firstly, not having enough time to research topics that are close to my heart has pushed my writing closer and closer to either the descriptive or the repetitive of others opinions. Descriptive and repetitive are two adjectives that act as nails to an analytical blog’s coffin.

Secondly, the metaphorical biting of my virtual tongue that I referred to in my previous post has, sadly, pushed the content on Hynd’s Blog closer and closer to the mundane. Again, not the best adjective to be associated with a blog.

A little about the second point:

I am no longer just having to worry about my own reputation – something that it is easy to be flippant about – but also one of an elected Mayor. Most civilised readers of this blog would find it hard to comprehend the level of sinister attacks some are willing to make against the Mayor. I have little doubt that some of those attacking him would happily do this through personally attacking his staff. It is the opposite of the old adage playing the ball not the player.

It has already got to a stage where not saying something online leads to quite unpleasant personal attacks.

In an effort to not fuel these trolls I realise that I have moved beyond the cautious and into the utterly mundane. With the odd exception, I have not written anything of any particular interest in the last few months.

For someone who is surrounded by inspiration, innovation and interest and who is driven by intrigue into it all, this realisation profoundly saddens me.

I cannot see this situation changing and so part of my decision to end Hynd’s Blog is based on a desire not to see it limp on for the coming months.

Looking back though, Hynd’s Blog is something that I remain profoundly proud of. It has dipped in an out of the top 100 influential UK political blogs, it been visited by hundreds of thousands of people and most of all, it has, on the rarest of occasions, succeeded in convincing people to change their minds on a given subject.

I am proud beyond words of what Hynd’s Blog has grown to be and I hope that at some point, it will have a future.

With all this in mind all is left to say is a huge thank you to you for coming along for the ride – it has been a blast!


PS – I plan to cross-post anything I publish elsewhere so stay signed up if you want to be notified of when I post these occasional articles!


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10 responses to “The end

  1. Dom Aversano

    Hey Steve, I’m sorry to hear about you ending the blog, but perhaps cross posting is the answer. Thank you for the support you offered me with both the petitions I set up, I really appreciate it. I wish you all the best with the Bristol mayor job, and hopefully we can hook up some time in the West of England.


  2. It’s a strange business, finding you are bound up in someone or something else’s public face. I found I would rather be a loose cannon than responsible for someone else’s reputation, but I’ve only had to think about that as a volunteer, not with regards to a job.


  3. Tuck

    I must say I am going to miss your ranting and raving, livens up lunch here in the sad NHS but I understand why, just sad.


  4. Rob

    Very sorry to hear about this Steve, I’ve enjoyed following your thoughts over the last few years. Hope you find other avenues in which you can express yourself, looking forward to catching up with you soon


  5. Peter Lawrence

    I’m very sad to see the end of your blog Steve, but I fully understand the demands and pressures made on you. Sadly any form of communication has its costs and is why our society is dominated by political parties with the biggest wallets rather than the most support.


  6. Florence

    Thank you Steve. All the best for your new career.


  7. David Heap

    I echo Mark’s remarks. Will be in Brisle May 20-24. Chance of a meet? I’m in a play called Lippy touring to the Old Vic.


  8. sashalubetkin

    I’m so shocked to read this, Steve. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog, and am very sorry that the vicious, stupid trolls who infest the Internet have forced you to suspend work on it. Does Bristol have more than its fair share of these vile people, or is that just how it feels?


  9. Sorry to see it go, but understand. Have enjoyed your writing a great deal, keep up the good work elsewhere. Rainy season well and truly underway here in Gulu.


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