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Just when we thought things couldn’t get any worse for David Cameron…

Just when we thought things couldn’t get any worse for David Cameron…

Number 10 yesterday announced that, Patrick Rock, a senior advisor to David Cameron on, among other issues, online porn filters, has been arrested on child abuse images allegations.

This comes less than a month after the then immigration minister, Mark Harper, who was responsible for, among other issues, the government’s widely criticised ‘go home’ campaign resigned after it was revealed he himself employed an illegal immigrant.

Of course, this all happened while David Cameron’s former Communications Director, Andy Coulson, has been on trial for phone hacking accused of knowing ‘exactly what went on under his watch’ at the News of the World.

And we wonder why people don’t trust the political establishment… 

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The Etonian budget, “we are all in this economic mess together”…really?

"We are all in this together"..."I can't even afford a new suitcase"

I am no economist, but even I can see that people are going to suffer in the wake of this government’s emergency budget.  Measures including, limiting housing benefits and cutting welfare payments were bought in with a mantra that “we are all in this together, and we all need to make sacrifices”.  Does anyone else feel a little annoyed with these words coming out of old Georgy boy’s mouth.  I am sure if George came across hard times, one of his Bullingdon Club mates would bail him out.  We are not all equally in this together; some people are disproportionally suffering, while others are getting away with taking gesture cuts in their cabinet salaries. 

It strikes me as economic madness to be cutting money that is going to those who are most likely to spend it. This will only increase the likelihood of the recession double dipping and having a seriously negative affect on people’s standards of living (obviously excluding George).  Osborne claims he has thought of this by reducing Corporation Tax and Capital Gains Tax (to stimulate the business sector).  With Cameron proudly going to the G8 claiming (to Obama) that other economic power houses (such as Germany) agree with him, you have to wonder who Cameron, Osborne and co believe will be doing the spending that our economic system is so reliant on. It is no good stimulating production if you do not have a market to sell to.

It appears that this budget will bite those who are vulnerable in our society in the short-term, and potentially damage our wider economy in the long-term.  In the short-term, the pain is justified through the “we are all in it together” mantra.  This is bull coming from the Etonian elite who currently hold power.  In the long-term, if I turn out to be wrong (and people do just magically find money to spend), then we have to question how much suffering is justifiable for this government to continue to peddle its economic norm.  In a 21st century Britain, we have to agree that certain standards of living are unacceptable for anyone and not let people drop into them. 

It must be said, it is not George who will have to decide between his rent and his food bills this week.


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Rupert Murdoch is not the enlightened leader of free speach and free media.

Rupert Murdoch, not the leader of the free press, like some Italians would like to believe. Photo thanks to World Economic forum

This might seem like an obvious comment to make, but Rupert Murdoch is not an all enlightened leader of liberal journalists bringing the truth to the door steps of billions of people.  I say this, because just recently there has been a wave of people who seem to be getting rather confused about this issue. 

The Times recently ran the lead column of “Google’s decision to pull out of China was the right one” (I will come back to this later).  Equally, I recently had the very bizarre experience of attending a protest outside the European Commission about media monopolies in Italy, when friends of mine starting to suggest that Murdoch’s media empire represented a “truthful form of journalism”.  This can surely only be the case when comparing it to the lowest forms of media monopolies, such as is found in Italy.

Lets make this abundantly clear, Murdoch runs a media empire which has sticky fingers in quite a few pies; to name a few…The sun, The Times (UK), Fox news, BSkyB, The News of the World, Star TV, The Australian, New York Post and The Wall Street Journal.  This would be bad, just by itself, but this does not take into consideration Murdoch’s political nature (that’s right it’s not only Berlusconi who has political interests). Murdoch has a long history of sticking his nose in. 

Throughout the Thatcher years, he aligned himself closely with the Iron Lady and soon after that The Sun accredited itself for ensuring John Major won his election in 1992.  Since then however (until recently) he has thrown his weight behind New Labour.  If Murdoch is one thing, he is pragmatic.  In 2008, he flew Cameron on his private jet for talks predicting a New Labour implosion.  It is not just in the UK, in the US; Fox news is notorious for its Republican bias. Yet, just recently there has been a reported “Truce” between Obama and Murdoch.

Perhaps, to try to live up to his Italian counterpart (who owns AC Milan FC), Murdoch offered 625 million pounds in 1998 in a bid to take over Manchester United FC.  Then, the largest amount ever offered for a football club. 

Murdoch is truly a pragmatist! To illustrate, lets look a little closer at his paper running the Google headline.  Murdoch who, axed BBC world service off its Star satellite service Asia after it mentioned the Tiananmen square massacre, ordered the publishing house Harper Collins to drop Chris Pattern’s memoirs of his time as governor of Hong Kong, encase they offend Beijing and paid 1 million dollars for the rights to publish the life story of Deng Xiaoping to get in with the Chinese government (All this can be found in the 22 Jan – 4 Feb Private Eye) is in no position to comment on Google’s activities.  To call Google “parasites” for their action in China might seem just a little hypocritical.

Murdoch remains at the helm of the world’s second largest media outlets (after Disney), and I personally would not believe a word any of his outlets print!

Increasingly however, alternative media outlets have cropped up.  Grass-root initiatives such as Indymedia provide first hand accounts of news without the necessity to make the millions of dollars that the likes of news corp.  This organisation was born out of a frustration of lack of accurate coverage of the WTO protests in Seattle.  We can take organisations like these with a small pinch of salt.  Yet, I would trust these guys over Murdoch any day.  I challenge anyone to read a couple copies of private eye and not become just a little sceptical.


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