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Anti-tobacco campaign publishes anti-Semitic cartoon

For most the depiction of large nosed Jews oozing wealth and disproportionate business influence is one that we solemnly associate with an evil that existed in the previous century. These offensive caricatures are something associated with the horrors of the anti-Semitism that swept across Europe and which played an intricate role in the death of over 6 million Jews in the holocaust.

For the first time in my life I today saw such an image, not in a museum or a historic article, but on a live contemporary campaigning facebook page.

The ‘Tobaccokills UG’ facebook page aims to ‘Support the Tobacco Control Bill and help to reduce the negative effects of tobacco-use in Uganda’. It has over 41,000 ‘likes’.

Yesterday it published this overtly anti-Semitic cartoon:

A screenshot taken from the 'tobaccoKills' Facebook page

A screenshot taken from the ‘tobaccoKills’ Facebook page

At the time of publishing the cartoon had already been shared a dozen time.

The cartoon takes little analysis to draw out the obvious anti-Semitic undertones. The projection of the ‘greedy’ and ‘powerful’ business man with physical characteristics such as his large nose all point to offensive Jewish caricatures.

In case there was any doubt the cartoonist then includes a speech bubble that states ‘Sorry but your health maybe hazardous to our profits’.

The subtext is clear: ‘Jews care more about money than they do people’.

To the adminstrators of the Facebook page I repeat the comment that I left when I first saw the cartoon and have so far not received a response for….please remove the picture and apologize for publishing it.


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