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On Thomas Hitzlsperger, the FA and homophobia in football

Thomas Hitzlsperger, the former Germany International and Everton footballer has today announced that he is homosexual in an interview with the German newspaper Die Zeit.

I have written before, most recently with diver Tom Daley as the case in point, about the importance of having men and women in the public eye being open and honest about their sexuality. I won’t rehash that article again here.

The point here is an additional one – the impact that Hitzlsperger’s decision may have on his former colleagues -including those in the FA.

In his interview Hitzlsperger stated that part of his reasoning of coming out was “to further the debate about homosexuality among sports professionals”. An admirable aim and a decision that I am sure will impact on players who are considering also coming out.

It is in this light that his decision will have immeasurable ripples – imagine if a current player no longer feels so isolated and decides to come out. Who knows how much of a game changer his decision might turn out to be.

The Premier League is watched and loved by millions all around the world, but it is still bereft of any openly gay footballer. To reiterate this – out of the 25 players in the 20 teams that play in the Premier League, not a single player is openly gay. 0 out of 500 players. This has held true (with varying squad sizes) for the entire history of top-flight football in the UK.

This then begs the question – why? Why has no playing professional ever been able to be open about their sexuality?

Hitzlsperger described the long “difficult process” of coming out. Something which the openly gay sports journalist Musa Okwonga talks more about here.

This process, even when surrounded by support, can be a challenging one. When surrounded by vitriol and hatred, the likes of which can too often be found in the stands, changing rooms and board rooms of British football, this process can transform into a goliath challenge.

It is interesting that Hitzlsperger specifically mentions in the interview that it is “it was not always easy to sit on a table with 20 young men and listen to jokes about gays”. A comment which hopefully all players will take on board.

But this homophobic banter is not just found in the dressing rooms.

One the hardest hitting sections from Graeme Le Saux’s autobiography was not the childish homophobic taunts Robbie Fowler through at him, the crowds obsessive jeering or even the referee’s despicable reaction of booking Le Saux for time wasting, but the FA’s inability to spot the real issue in the situation – institutionalised homophobia.

It is with a touch of irony then that Hitzlsperger’s announcement comes in the aftermath of the FA’s latest embarrassment – their equality adviser, who on national TV called gays ‘detestable’, resigning from his role.

Michael Johnson, the former Birmingham city defender was appointed to his role, one assumes, because of his stellar track record of tackling racism. It is a damning indictment that no one in the FA looked into his views on other pressing equality issues such as homophobia.

John Amaechi, the first former NBA player to come out in public in 2007, hit the nail on the head when he commented:

“the reason that homophobia, antisemitism, racism and other misogyny continue to blight football is that the FA does not understand how to tackle it. You don’t put one person to handle racism and a gay person for homophobia, you pick people who understand that all bigotry is the same monster.”

Today, hopefully, Hitzlsperger will have highlighted to the FA the need to act and to stop letting homophobia be what he referred to as “an ignored issue” in football.

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The FA still failing to tackle homophobia

Peter Tatchell, campaigner for OutRage, described the cancellation as "a real disappointment". Photo thanks to BinaryApe (flickr)

The Football Association (FA), as part of its commitment to tackle homophobia had planned to launch a new film in conjunction with “Kick it Out” and “OutRage” this Thursday.  The launch was going to be held in Wembley stadium.  It appears however, after a last-minute cancellation that once again the FA has climbed down on its commitments to tackle homophobia.  This strategy and launch was planned nearly two years ago, and yet no real explanation for cancellation was given.

I have blogged before about the need to tackle homophobia in British football, with still no openly gay footballers and players lives often being made hell by ignorant fans.  Stonewall recently commented that 7 out of 10 fans interviewed in a survey had witnessed homophobic abuse.  Anyone who has ever been to more than the occasional match knows that this is not exaggerated. 

I remain convinced about football’s potential power to make real change in society (for the better).  Equally, I remain frustrated with the FA’s dragging of feet whenever anything progressive is mentioned.  I am sure Rio (critically acclaimed England Captain) will be looking to bolster his image, especially considering his slip on live radio when he called Chris Moyles a “faggot”.  Why not get him involved (assuming he doesn’t do more harm than good)?

Tomorrow will be just another day, when the FA sits on their arses refusing to make any substantial change in “their sport”.  We (the supporters) need to give them the kick that they need to truly “Kick homophobia out of football”.  By cancelling this film, they have sent out all the wrong messages.  We need to stand up and tell them that this is unacceptable!


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