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Local elections: Gloucester results

Essentially nothing has changed in my home town of Gloucester. The council still has ‘no overall control’. 15 seats were up for election but there was no change in the number of seats for each party.

The Conservatives hold 18, Labour 9 and the Liberal Democrats 9.

In the national political climate this has to be seen as victory for the coalition partners and a missed opportunity for Labour. Indeed, in the popular vote we can see that Labour lost support leading to a tiny swing to the Conservatives.

Gloucester popular vote:

Con 11,889 (37.40%)
Lab 8,110 (25.51%)
LD 5,800 (18.24%)
UKIP 4,898 (15.41%)
Green 963 (3.03%)
TUSC 133 (0.42%)

Changes since 2010 locals:

Con -1.35%
Lab -1.47%
LD -12.54%
UKIP +13.60%
Green +1.58%

Swing, Lab to Con: 0.06%

Remember that Gloucester is a key battle ground for Labour. If they want a majority in 2015 they need to win seats like Gloucester.


Read the BBC report by clicking here.


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