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Tony Benn dies aged 88 and twitter pays tribute

This morning I have awoken to the news that Tony Benn, the long-standing Labour politician, has died aged 88.

Tony Benn was, and remains, an inspiration for me in many ways. His commitment to radical grass-roots politics inspired much of what I believe today. It is this belief, that was instilled into me by Tony Benn, that still pumps through me.

But, on hearing the news of his death, it wasn’t his politics that jumped to mind. My first thought on hearing the news of his death was how on earth are commentators going to find the words that will do justice to a man who was perhaps the ultimate orator.

His turn of phrase, his wit, and his charisma remain unmatched in politics.

His words will live on and will remain as a testimony to his life.

I will, the Labour movement will, and many more from across the political spectrum will dearly miss him.

May he rest in peace.


Some great tributes are coming through on twitter:


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