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Fairtrade smack, organic crack and ethical E

This post was inspired by my friend and soon to be colleague Emmet Sheerin who wrote and edited the above video which asks; ‘are you implicated?’. In the video, you are drawn into making the uncomfortable link between gangland violence and recreational drug use.

Combine this with the underground, corrupt and unaccountable global trade in illegal drugs and you have a serious problem on your hands. Like it or not, every time you snort a line, drop a pill or toke on a spliff (unless you know its source) you are probably increasing the demand for one of the most dangerous and degrading trades on our planet.

For all of my right on friends who buy fairtrade, local and organic vegetables, take a second to think how global, unfair and carbon intensive the other herb you enjoy is.

This can be taken as an argument for a grow your own culture (although of course this blog would never condone such action) or complete abstinence.

Either way, please do pass this video on.

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