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A three step plan to restore the credibilty of the Catholic Church

The Pope needs to step up and lead on human rights

In relation to the ongoing child abuse scandals coming out of the Catholic church, why has the Pope not fulfilled his obligation by reporting to the UN bodies implementing the Conventions against Torture and on the Rights of the Child? The Holy See is responsible to ensure that Catholic officials cooperate fully with any investigations and that the churches records are opened up.  It appears that this is yet to be done.

Just as the Pope has been a leading light against the death penalty, poverty and climate change; so we look to the Vatican for positive progressive leadership on all human rights issues.  This has to include tackling the on-going child abuse scandals. 

Here is a three step guide for the Pope to fulfil:

1) Seek considerable reparations for the children who have suffered at the hands of Catholic priests and offer an unconditional apology on behalf of the church.

2) Take all reasonable steps to ensure no child is abused within the church again by ensuring that all perpetrators are bought to justice.  This has to be done in conjunction with international bodies that are responsible for the protection of children.  Internal investigations are not adequate.

3) Open up all internal documentation that might assist the investigation.

These are not radical demands.  If the Pope fails to do any of these three points then people will continue to question the Church as a whole.  The Pope needs to lead the Catholic Church into its rightful place which is at the forefront of social justice movements standing up for the rights of all people.  Ordinary Catholics need to demand this of their leadership.  Until this happens all the positive teachings of the Catholic Church will be over shadowed.

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