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From denying the existence of homophobia to advocating the existence of ghosts – the tricky path of representing the East Midlands as a Tory MEP

Today was a sad day for me. When I heard the news that the long suffering Conservative MEP Roger Helmer was resigning I felt lost, confused and upset. For the last few years, Roger has provided the very bread and butter of Conservative mockery that this blog relies on. He was my ‘go to guy’ when I wanted a cheap shot at the Tories. Whatever the issue was that I was writing about you could guarantee that Roger Helmer had put his slightly old-fashioned Tory foot in it. A man who actually thinks homophobia doesn’t exist. With his departure who would I turn to?

I need not to have worried however. Sat just underneath Roger Helmer on the 2009 Conservative Party candidate list for the East Midlands was Rupert Matthews. Rupert Mathews (now Rupert Mathews MEP) through a quick Google search has presented me a treasure chest of things to mock him for. The front page of his website (with pictures of knights and all) gives us a few clues that something aint quite right. Then we have his two personal blogs – The Ghost Hunter and – The History man. A quick glance at these blogs and alarm bells start to ring.

His published titles include, “‘UFOs: A History of Alien Activity from Sightings to Abductions to Global Threat’, ‘Roswell: Uncovering the Secrets of Area 51 and the Fatal UFO Crash’, ‘Alien Encounters: True-Life Encounters with Aliens and Other Extra-Terrestrial Phenomenon’, ‘Bigfoot and Other Mysterious Creatures”. It would appear, the Conservatives in their never ending quest for comedy have managed to find a man slightly more delusional and odd man than Roger Helmer. An expert on UFOs and alien abductions – wow. You cannot make this stuff up!

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Roger Helmer describes a hypothetical rape as such: “the victim surely shares a part of the responsibility, if only for establishing reasonable expectations in her boyfriend’s mind”

Roger “I think a girl can be responsible for being raped” Helmer

Tories are on the back foot on this subject. I wrote a blog yesterday essentially defending what Ken Clarke said (although highlighting its lack of clarity). Then, out of no-where (well Brussels) Roger Helmer wades in with some comments that reinforce every negative idea about rape!

While I think it is right and proper that Ken Clarke still has a job, I honestly cannot see how this man who denies the existence of homophobia, climate change and child poverty within traveller communities still has a job. This latest round of comments highlight that his views are not only out-dated but also worryingly out of touch with reality.  To suggest that a girl is in part responsible for being raped is totally and utterly unacceptable.  On this one I stand side by side with Caroline Flint who described his comments as “outrageous”.

It is equally worrying that one MEP within the ECR group can be thrown out for so little, and yet another stay in the group after making such consistently disgusting comments.

The sad truth of the matter is that Mr Cameron knows he cannot stand up and be counted on this issue because Roger Helmer remains a favourite of his far right backbenchers. If the PM is going to launch an attack, he feels as though it has to be on something more serious than this. Thus, in a nutshell this is what’s wrong with the modern Conservative Party. Mr Cameron is still pandering to the far right extremists’ and so will tolerate what you and I find intolerable.

I suggest the Prime Minister goes away and read Mr Helmer’s comments and sets an example to show that he too finds Roger Helmer’s views deplorable.


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