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Saudi Arabia: Where roberry can cost you an arm and a leg

In Saudi Arabia six men are facing amputation of their right hands and left feet for “highway robbery”. The only way they will avoid this fate is if king Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud commutes their sentence. These sentences could be handed out by Friday if no action is taken.

The men have already faced torture through interrogation. Saudi Arabia is a signatory to the international Convention of Torture but is once again illustrating its disregard for international conventions.

In case this story was not bad enough, it appears that at least one of the men was reportedly beaten for eight days and told that if he did not confess to the crime, his three brothers would also be arrested. He then signed a confession without knowing its full contents.

For any punishment to go ahead is an outrage, for this level of brutality to be handed out is simply beyond words.

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