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Stroud Fringe Festival – Full line up and ‘bands to watch’

I was delighted today to read that Stroud Fringe Festival made the late but cracking addition in their line up of Birmingham based folk band, Boat to Row. Anyone who has seen them will know what I am talking about. They play folk with favourable comparisons to previous touring partner Johnny Flynn but with a soulful softer sound all of their own.

They are playing at 3:30pm Saturday 31st August  in Bank Gardens, Stroud. Make sure you are there!

One has to at this point take your metaphorical hat off to Stroud Fringe Festival. A few years back it was…well…a bit of laughing stock if we are being honest. This year though, it looks like they have built on the last few years success and put together a pretty good line up.

So without any further delay, here are a few more recommendations:

Gaz Brookfield

A Bristol based singer song writer with a certain knack in the way he tells stories.

Gaz is playing at 8pm on Friday 30th August in Bank Gardens, Stroud.

Chloe Foy

A wonderful singer song writer with all the charm and ease of Lucy Rose, but more depth and interest.

Chloe is playing at 5pm on Friday 30th August in Bank Gardens, Stroud.

George Montague

Something a bit different but a very worthy headliner, George performs (and that’s the optimum word) Jazz in the loosest possible sense of the word. He also plays the ukulele which makes him cool in itself…doesn’t it?

George is headlining at 9pm on Friday 30th August in Bank Gardens, Stroud (straight after Gaz Brookfield).

Go and check out these an other bands at a great local festival. You won’t regret it!

The full line-up can be seen here.

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