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Boris u-turns on car free Sundays

The papers are today splashing the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson’s, new found support for the idea of a car free Sunday in London.

The Independent reports:

“speaking on a visit to Indonesia the Mayor of London said he was in favour of copying a scheme in Jakarta where areas of the capital have been closed to traffic from 6am every Sunday. “I was blown away by the popularity of the car-free Sunday here,” he said. “I will certainly be asking Transport for London to dust down [their] old ideas and have a look.”

Curious that Johnson was so blown away by the scheme in Jakarta in 2014 and so unimpressed with a comparable Colombian scheme that Green Assembly Member Jenny Jones asked him about in 2010.

In 2010 Jenny Jones asked the mayor:

“Will you consider replicating in London the hugely popular Colombian scheme whereby many city roads are closed to motor vehicles on Sundays and public holidays from 7am – 2pm?”

The Mayor, just 4 years ago, responded:

“Widespread restrictions may not be as viable in London compared to Bogotá. However, TfL is investigating options for single or localised street closures that may potentially help achieve a cycling revolution and increase walking, whilst maintaining the movement of people and goods.”

In short, he said, probably not.

What made him change his mind?

Hynd’s Blog hopes it is not something as simple as crass populism in light of his parliamentary ambitions…

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The evolution of the coalition’s nuclear policy

Remember this:

Charles Hendry saying “The coalition agreement clearly sees a role for new nuclear, provided that there is no public subsidy.”

I remember it well.

I thought about it last April when this headline broke::

Fro the Guardian, “Ministers planning ‘hidden subsidies’ for nuclear power.”

In case there was any confusion, Fiona Hall the Lib Dem leader in the European Parliament, clarified:

“Such a public subsidy to help build new nuclear power stations in the UK would go completely against the Coalition Government Agreement.”

Well, guess what. Now we have this:

The Guardian reports, “Energy secretary Ed Davey grants EDF permission to build and run two reactors at Hinkley Point in Somerset.”

Do I feel let down? Yeah, I do.

Hinkley Point


Caroline Lucas hits the nail on the head when she says:

“Despite the energy department’s attempts to rewrite the dictionary on the definition of a subsidy, it’s now blindingly obvious that billions of pounds of public money will be thrown at new nuclear in the form of a strike price and the underwriting of costs including accident liability and construction – in direct breach of the Coalition agreement”

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