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63 opposition MPs failed to vote against the Bedroom Tax

Why have none of the papers run with the headline “63 opposition MPs failed to vote against the Bedroom Tax”?

Today’s papers have been filled with who voted for or against the Labour motion to abolish the proposed “Bedroom tax”.

The Guardian went with “Lib Dem MPs join Labour in voting against bedroom tax

The Mirror went with “Bedroom Tax: How Tories and Lib Dem MPs voted on the hated coalition policy

Channel 4 News went with “Government majority cut in ‘bedroom tax’ debate

All these headlines are true and accurate, but all fail to highlight what I see as the main story here – that 63 opposition MPs failed vote against the Bedroom Tax when the motion was defeated by just 26 (252 to 226)

In other words, if less than half of these opposition MPs had voted for the motion and against the Bedroom Tax the motion would have carried.

So who were these 63 opposition MPs who failed to show? Well, we know that there are 29 MPs who come from smaller parties, which leavers at least 34 Labour. However, we know that all the SNP, Plaid and Green MPs voted for the motion. This means that at least 43 Labour MPs failed to support their own party’s motion.

Would now be a good time reiterate that the motion was only defeated by 26?

Why is this not the headline?


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