About me

I’m mostly a Dad. But I don’t get paid to do that.

So I am also a campaign, communications and engagement expert that gets results by empowering others. I have experience writing for publication, creatively campaigning for change and engaging a wide range of partners. I do jobs that I love for people and organisations that are doing something worthwhile.

If you’ve got an idea that you think can make the difference then get in touch. I like drinking coffee and talking about how to make good ideas come to life.

I have been honoured to have already worked for so many good charities, politicians and others that I think are passionate and committed to helping people or planet out. I have also been lucky to enough to have my ramblings published. In the past, my thoughts have been found in The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, Pebble Magazine, Open Democracy, Left Foot Forward, The Great Outdoors Magazine (TGO)New EuropeThe International Business Times, Liberal Conspiracy, and Football Rascal (to name just a few). I have also spoken on the BBC (both local and the World Service) and spoken at events at UNHCR, universities and alongside Members of Parliament.

You’re getting the idea…I like talking and writing and sharing ideas.

I hold a Bsc in Social Policy from the University of Bath and a MA in Human Rights from the University of Sussex where I wrote my thesis on reconciling human rights and religion. Since then I have gone onto work for a series of secular and faith-based organisations in Brussels, Westminster and abroad. Although predominantly based on human rights, I work on a wide range of social justice issues.

I am actively involved with G(g)reen politics and have previously been involved with Amnesty International and a number of other NGOs. My passions spread far and wide including real ale, mountaineering and much more.

People/Organisations that have been stupid enough to employ me in the past include:

I currently work for City to Sea as their Media and Policy Manager. 

If you’ve reached this far in this post you really must be interested. In which case get in touch with me and let’s have a drink. I am always interested in what you have to say.


4 responses to “About me

  1. TB

    I worked for David Drew. like to discuss his record on the Iraqi War.


  2. carlo

    Steve, I also received that scam and was quite surprised when I read it. Could you please give a more accurate amount or value in money terms an immigrate can receive or be entitled to such as housing benefits or lodging allowance including a single or married with children. Would they be entitled to free medical care for a single or married with children which cannot be really measured and can be quite open depending on the medical care needed besides the weekly sum that you had shown. I would like to pass the information you give so that a scam can be rectified and a true picture be given. The amount you stated would not even cover renting a room and wondered how these poor immigrants can manage especially if he has a family and if so surely the social services would step in. Possibly that £250 a week that had been mentioned was a rough estimate of what an immigrant may be entitled to. Waiting for you reply.. .


  3. Hello Steve. I would love to read that thesis too! Can you send it over?


  4. christiarts

    Would love to read that thesis!


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