Some people seem to really like what I write. Others, less so…

For example, “Demon” on Liberal Conspiracy commented on ‘Why we shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss faith organisations‘ saying:

“I think you are some deranged idiot with a connection to the internet…The author should be put in prison or a straightjacket or both”

Thanks, Demon. I’m not, but I appreciate your constructive input. 

But then lots of other people have said nice things. Like Andrew Lansley, the blogger and one part of the musical trio ‘Thrill Collins’, commented on ‘An averagely dressed male reflects on his [lack of] fashion sense‘ saying:

“easily one of the best political blogs you will read from one of the most considered and informed writers I have ever had the privilege to read”

Which is really nice of him to say. Then some nice feedback I got from various other people include: 

Richard Howitt – the former Labour MEP for South East England, commented on, ‘I will always wear a cycling helmet but should the government force people to?‘ saying it was:

“A serious contribution to the debate” 

Cameron Conaway, Social Justice Editor at the Good Men Project commented on, ‘Good men need to speak out and say good men also rape‘ saying it was:

A tough, poignant piece”

David Wearing – journalist and co-editor of the New Left Project commented on ‘On Happiness and being with the one you love‘ saying it was a:

“Lovely post”

Kate Jackson – the Editor of the international edition of ‘ehospice’ commented on ‘Peace and palliative care in the DRC‘ saying:

“What an amazing article! It is critical that we as journalists publicize the challenging situations faced by people living in conflict. Steve does this whilst also showing the ways in which people overcome these challenges to ensure that their fellow citizens have access to adequate health care.” 

M.J. Rosenberg – Special Correspondent for The Washington Spectator commented on ‘Anti-Semitism in pro-Palestinian networks‘ saying:

Really good piece on anti-Semitism among some pro-Palestinian internationals. True and worth reading

Patrick Butler  – Head of Society, Health and Education at The Guardian commented on ‘An unemployed mother of 11 – the true cost to society‘ saying it was:

“[A] more sane perspective [on benefits]”

The good gents over at Tattooed Football were nice enough to say that:

“Our favourite writer, a literary genius…consistently brilliant”

Mark Townsend (Home Affairs Editor at The Guardian) commented on ‘The Freedom to insult those in mourning‘:

“Excellent Piece”

Like ‘Demon’ on Liberal Conspiracy though not everyone remains convinced on what I’ve written. In the words of my biggest critic:

My Dad, aka Fred:

“The problem is, I am just not that interested in anything you write about”

4 responses to “Reaction

  1. Sorry to see you have gotten an endorsement from the virulently racist blog Harry’s Place, Steve. It had all been going so well.


  2. Hello Steve – just wondering what your connection is with Uganda? We lived there 2001-4. best Shan


  3. I’m grateful that you wrote that piece about pensioners and illegal immigrants. I’m writing to tell you I used it on Facebook to prevent someone making a fool of himself. He’s trying to encourage people to write to Cameron and end the iniquity of pensioners being robbed of their rights whilst refugees and illegal immigrants live it up in austerity Britain.
    many thanks and kindest regards


  4. richard dean

    heh steve….i think your palestine blogs really take me back to the conflicts i discovered working on a palestinian cam many years ago, in jordan. the israeli-palestinian conflict is one which is hard , from the outside, to get your head around…being there puts it all into focus…and it’s usually quite easy to over step the mark and make a comment that might lead to trouble..i wonder if you’d pressed your israeli contacts on the process of israeli conquest of the palestinian lands, whether your welcome would have been so generous?
    i found the (at least) 2 sides hell bent on stereotyping the other side…in order to simplify the process of killing…and i found it difficult to give an opinion from a pampered western point of view…the notion of pacifism i was peddling went down a real treat! the only ration for this opinion from my ppalestinian friends was that i must be an israeli spy!!….tricky one to talk oneself out of !


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