Do you like coffee? Or beer?

If so, find out where in the world I am and join me for one – or two if you think your idea/query/complaint may need it.

I tend to work best with a pint glass in my hand but will compromise with a coffee mug if you’re that way inclined.

If you are in a different country, or just really don’t like beer/coffee then of course you are welcome to be all old fashioned about it and email/ring/tweet me.

You can email me at: stevehynd24 at or tweet me or ring me if you really want… 07903569531  


10 responses to “Contact

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  7. Nancy Janin

    Any chance you’d have time to contact me about your Taybeh Brewery article? I visited there and am writing an article and would like to verify something with you. Thanks — and great writing.


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  9. Denis Hanbury

    Congratulations on your objective comments on the spam email about pensioners’ vs ‘illegal immigrants’. (Nov 2011) I came across it today while searching for some accurate version of the figures mentioned. I despair at times of the gullibility of some of our population and their readiness to be incited to hatred by any spurious facts and figures which fit their prejudices. I don’t know if you’ve blogged about a related issue; but I get additionally annoyed about the prats who find it necessary to end these emails with statements such as ‘Have the guts to pass this on – I just did’, or ‘If you don’t forward this, you’re part of the problem’, or ‘I don’t suppose some people will forward this and I think I know who they are’ etc etc.
    Mind you, it obviously works with some people……
    Keep on blogging!


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