Why blog?

This blog is an effort to try and bring to people’s attention issues that are important to me. This will vary from trivial observations to pressing concerns, from friends web-sites to international campaigns.

In a world where sometimes things make no sense, writing a blog can help you clarify what you think about different issues.  This blog represents some well thought out views juxtapositioned next to some crass inclinations – it’s up to you to distinguish them.

Hynd’s Blog breaks every rule about effective communications – it has no target audience, there is no correlation between subjects covered and as a result I have about as many ‘unfollows’ as I do ‘follows’. But that’s OK, it’s my personal blog, reflecting my personal interests.

I really hope that you are interested and inspired by at least some of my writing.

Finally, if you would like to contribute to Hynd’s Blog, please do get in touch.

I hope you enjoy reading.

Steve  x

Hynd's Blog supports the #NoMorePage3 campaign

Hynd’s Blog supports the #NoMorePage3 campaign

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