Mike Hancock – The Home Office appears to be “institutionally homophobic”

I have blogged before how Government policy is still leaving Gay, Lesbian and Bi-sexual asylum seekers exposed to torture, rape and even death. I am delighted that issue has been taken up by Mike Hancock MP.

Mr Hancock wrote to the Home Office to highlight the case of Robert Segwanyi, 33 who was tortured and jailed in Uganda for being gay. An immigration judge ruled to send him back to Uganda. This decision was eventually deferred but it left Mr Hancok to conclude that “the UKBA and the Home Office are institutionally homophobic”.

This problem urgently needs to be addressed so we can ensure we are not sending back vulnerable people to face the unimaginable.  Just last month the Guardian reported the case of a Lesbian from Uganda where Home Office lawyers argued that there was no persecution there and that she could return home as long as she lived discreetly. This is unacceptable and has to stop.

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