Watch: Yanoun – by Emmet Sheerin

This is a video by a friend and former colleague Emmet Sheerin. We lived together for a  few months in the village of Yanoun in the West Bank as part of the EAPPI programme. This is his short video which was made while we were there.


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5 responses to “Watch: Yanoun – by Emmet Sheerin

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  2. Brilliant and poignant video, showing the real reality of Yanoun and surrounding area. Can someone tell me how to download this so that I can use it during my talks?



  3. Oh, Steve / Emmet – this is wonderful – but so sad! It brought Yanoun back into my home and heart (where it is all the time anyway), and answers a desire I have had for a while to prepare a slide show with music to show the reality of the village to people I talk to. Can someone tell me how I can download this so that I can use it in some of my talks?
    With much appreciation – Jane


    • Jane – if you click on the word ‘Vimeo’ it will take you to Emmet’s home page. Here, you can then hover over the video and three boxes will appear in the top right.One of them is ‘share’ – so you can share the URL (for example copy it into a blog). OR if you look below the video there is a ‘download’ button! Try this and let me know if you have any problems!


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